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Meet Tyler McGhie

Golf Coaching Specialist

Tyler grew playing junior golf in Canada, earning a golf scholarship to Coastal Carolina University in 2001. During his time at CCU, Tyler played on the golf team alongside former World Number 1, Dustin Johnson.  He is passionate about developing the skill sets of Junior players a number of his graduates have received golf scholarships to top US based schools. Tyler has over 10 years of coaching experience, his in depth understanding of his player and the mechanics of the golf swing along with the technology of Trackman and 3D biomechanics analysis he his the ability to help his players get the most out of their games. He has coached a PGA TOUR Winner, and players on Korn Ferry, PGA Tour Latinoamerica, Mackenzie Tour, as well as Elite-level Amateurs ,Collegiate, and Junior golfers. Tyler also is the founder and part owner of MMG Performance. MMG  is an elite junior golf program focused on helping high school players gain scholarships to US based college golf programs. 

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Ball striking 

Using Trackman to fine tune your impact and help all players learn the keys to hit the solid shots they desire 


Using your body and it's easiest and the most efficient way it likes to move is how I teach. This allows you to make the most of the gifts each individual was given


The goal every single player I hear ask for. Through moving efficiently and knowing your tendencies you are ultimately lead to more consistency to adapt and hit the shots needed to play your best.

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Short Game 

Every day on the course to shoot your lowest scores you have to be able to get the ball up and down. That is an art of it's own. I have a path to help each player find the most effective short game shots to use to help them make this a realty


The shortest swing and can be one of the most important. Similar to the swing I figure out first what the player does and then make the adjustments to help them make more putts with their own uniqueness. 

Lower scores 

The results of checking the right boxes and focusing on the right things in your game leads to this outcome. Shoot lower scores then ever before. 



"Tyler has helped me improve as a golfer tremendously and helped me get on a great path to achieving my goals. As great of a golf instructor as Tyler is, he is actually a better person and mentor."

— Michael Dart- Professional Golfer (Utah Valley University)





Orange County National

16301 Phil Ritson Way, Winter Garden, FL, 34787

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